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Wedding planner (full planning service)

Planning a wedding is without a doubt a great adventure. But apart from a lot of organisational skills, it requires above all a structured approach, perfect timing and time. Planning a wedding on your own, parallel to your (professional) everyday life, is therefore a real mammoth task. There are dozens of questions you will be confronted with..:

  • How far in advance do I have to register at the registry office / church? 
  • How do I draw up a budget and time plan? 
  • Do I prefer an evening wedding or a daytime wedding? 
  • Where do I find the “right” service provider for me? (Who offers what and who suits me?)
  • Which location suits me? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • Buffet, flying buffet or a menu? 
  • Dj and band is that enough? Or is that too much?   
  • What do I have to book and when, and how do I deal with cancellations?
  • What do I do if a service provider drops out?
  • When do I send out the invitations and which seating arrangements do I prefer?

The sooner you know these questions and work through them in the appropriate chronological order, the closer you will get to your dream wedding. Planning is half the battle and a plan B never hurts.

Keep calm and enjoy the wedding

Planning. Organisation. Realisation.

I would be happy to be the person who takes care of the planning of your wedding. My team and I are there for you – from start to finish. From the decoration, the (pre-)selection of service providers, photographers, stylists to the contract management and the coordination of your big day.

In addition to the temporal and organisational planning, we also take care of the organisation of creative themes, such as your individual wedding design and the (pre-)selection of decorations and stationery. We are also responsible for the entire communication with all service providers and suppliers. 

As a native Andalusian, I know the entire Málaga-Cádiz region inside out. As Destination Wedding Planners we have a large network of reliable service providers, caterers and musicians at our disposal. We suggest and you choose – exactly according to your wishes.



I had realised the dream of my own wedding in 2021. So I know very well – as a wedding planner and bride – what is important at a wedding.



Thanks to our language skills, we guarantee excellent coordination with all types of customers and suppliers



As Destination Wedding Planners, we are your specialists for the region of Andalusia. We respond individually and specifically to your wishes and preferences.


Andalusia is our home. We know our way around and can make your dream wedding come true. From Málaga to Cádiz, Sour Soul Weddings is your perfect partner. 

Of course! The organisation is always done together – in close consultation. We want to get to know you and know what your dream day should look like. Then we get down to work, taking care of the timing, coordination and pre-selection of suppliers and service providers. We prepare and you choose.

From the invitation to the stationery of the day to the table decoration, from the choice of the wedding location to the coordination and organisation of the service providers. Everything will be perfectly coordinated on your wedding day. The organisation on the day of your wedding and the care of your guests is of course always part of our full-service package.

40 % + VAT are to be paid when the contract is signed. The rest two weeks before the wedding.

The organisation of the wedding can and will always be aligned to the budget of the respective couple. Together we decide what we can do without or reduce in order to still meet your needs. As soon as this is feasible, nothing stands in the way of a collaboration.

Trust is important to us. We work commission-free – regardless of the choice of service provider. You receive the original contract and the corresponding invoice from all service providers. Often you can even benefit from a service provider discount, which we pass on to you 100%.

On the day of the wedding the direction will be there for you personally and together with my team I will take care of the smooth running of your wedding.

¿Do you have any questions?

Just send me an email to without any kind of commitment, remember, the first thing I want to do is to get to know you.

I would be happy to organise your dream day

Your happiness is my greatest reward.



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